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This special technology, based on our pharmaceutical production technology (software), powderizes ethyl alcohol and fills small packets with this using a special wrapping paper. Alcohol gas gradually transpires from the powdered alcohol that fills these small packets to prevent the growth of microbes that cling to food and prevent the formation of mold, etc. Using miniscule amounts of ethyl alcohol to preserve the quality of food, these are extremely safe food quality preservation agents.


Preserves the quality of food by suitably controlling the speed of transpiration of ethanol in the packets.


The action of the ethanol prevents the formation of mold.
In addition, the action of the ethanol preserves the moist feel of foods by keep moisture in.


The ethanol is absorbed into silica gel and small packets made of special film are filled with this. The wrapping materials and contents use safe materials and have no effect on the human body.

The safety of the contents has been verified through acute toxicity tests done by Japan Food Research Laboratories. The wrapping materials have complied with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Notification No. 370.


Product packaging size

< Anti-mold Mild® Grade >

grade   Single packet type/ continuous packets type packetsize width×length(mm) Packaging (quantity) /case(No. of pacets × No. of exterior bags)


Single packet 30×40 18,000 packets / case 
(450 packets × 40 bags)
Continuous packets 40×40 18,000 packets /case 
(6,000 packets × 3 bags)
06 Single packet 35×50 10,000 packets / case
 packets × 40 bags)
Continuous packets 45×50 10,000 packets / case
(5,000 packets × 2 bags)
10 Single packet 40×65 6,000 packets / case
packets × 40 bags)
Continuous packets 45×65 6,000 packets / case
(3,000 packets × 2 bags)
15 Single packet 50×65 4,500 packets / case
packets × 30 bags)
Continuous packets 5,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
20 Single packet 55×65 4,500 packets / case
packets × 30 bags)
Continuous packets 5,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
30 Single packet 60×65 3,000 packets / case
packets × 30 bags)
Continuous packets 3,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
40 Single packet 70×65 2,500 packets / case
packets × 25 bags)
Continuous packets 60×80 2,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
50 Single packet 80×65 2,000 packets / case
packets × 20 bags)
Continuous packets 70×80 2,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
60 Single packet 70×80 1,500 packets / case
packets × 15 bags)
Continuous packets 70×80 2,000 packets / case
packets × 2 bags)
80 Single packet 80×80 1,500 packets / case
packets × 15 bags)
Continuous packets 80×80 1,000 packets / case
packets × 1 bags)

Grade selection method for inclusion in product packaging bag

  1. Measure the weight and water activity (Aw value) of the food in question.
  2. Check the estimated suitable amount of Anti-mold Mild from graph on the right.

    150g of sponge cake with a water activity value (Aw value) of 0.84

    The estimated suitable amount for 100g with an Aw of 0.84 is grade 10 Anti-mold Mild.

    In this case, as the foodstuff weighs 150g, it will require grade 15.

  3. Estimat suitable amount of Anti-mold Mild, and then conduct food preservation tests and check quality preservation effects.


* Actual product configuration tests must be conducted to check the effects of Anti-mold Mild.
* Possible food preservation periods are affected by wrapping methods, season of manufacture, environment and storage temperature, even for the same food.


Instructions (for consumers using the product)

[ Single packet type ]

  1. Please use within 1 hour of opening (25℃)
  2. There are notches (slits) on each exterior package so please use these to open the packages. Please note that the package is filled with small packets up to the notches so be careful not to rip any of the bags.


[ Continuous packets Type ]

  1. Please use within 3 hours of opening (25℃)
  2. The start is clearly written on a sticker on the exterior packaging. Please use from the start after opening.


[ Common Points  for Single packet type and continuous packets Type ]

  1. Please use materials with low alcohol transmittance in product wrapping (less than 10g/m² /24hr (40℃))
  2. If using one packet in assembled packages, please make holes in the individual packaging (around 8 holes of 3mm per 100cm² of packaging)
  3. Please do not use knives or blades when opening cardboard boxes. Use of such implements could damage the products inside.
  4. Please do not use the product if the external packaging is loosed as there is the possibility of defective pinholes or faulty seal (they are usually deaerated).
  5. you are not going to use all of them, please make sure there is as little air as possible in the exterior packaging and store them after heat sealing of exterior packaging. It is possible to store them with a clip for short periods of time such as break times.


Please read the user’s manual for other details.

Instructions (for general consumers)

Anti-mold Mild is enclosed in food packaging in order to preserve the good taste of food and allow consumers to eat food safely.


[ Safety and Instructions ]

1. If accidentally eaten or swallowed
Anti-mold Mild wrapping materials and contents use safe materials and have no effect on the human body.
Usually no special treatment is required as even if it is absorbed into the body, it will be excreted with no reaction. If necessary rinse the affected person mouth with water. If there are something wrong seek medical treatments.
The surface of the product is printed with ‘Do not eat’ but this is only to signify that it is not a foodstuff.
Please be assured that the contents are safe materials that can be used in foodstuffs packaging.


2. If accidentally soaked in alcohol or juice
Even if soaked for a long time, it will have no effect on the liquid so you can just take the Anti-mold out and drink it.


3. If boiled with noodles, etc.
There is no effect on either the noodles or the water.
There are rare cases in which the small bag will burst due to heat and the powder inside will spill out but it will not dissolve in hot water or react with seasonings.


4. If heated in a microwave oven
It will not burn or spark but the small bag may open due to the heat and the powder inside may spill out.


5. Disposal methods
Please dispose of this product according to local government trash separation rules.
* As the contents are unburnable, this product is designated as unburnable trash in most places.




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