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This is a new type of food quality preservation agent with little ethanol smell and with the functions of moisturizing food and preventing mold.



  • This is a product with ethanol continuous transpiration. Continuous transpiration can be sustained from a few days to a week.
  • The irritant odour of ethanol has been further reduced and it has a nice smell. (uses 57% ethyl alcohol)
  • The remaining ethanol content can be seen at a glance.



  • The action of the ethanol keep the moist feel of foods by sealing moisture in.
  • The action of the ethanol controls the propagation of mold.



[ Points to Note ]

  • When using Antimold® Tender, food preservation tests must be conducted to check the quality preservation effect.
    The mold prevention effect is due to the bacteriostatic (slows propagation) action. Even if this is used, it may not be possible to preserve the food for the desired period.
    In these cases, the use grade needs to be higher.
  • When bacteria or yeast are the causes of a decrease in quality, there may be cases in which satisfactory effects will not be observed.

In these cases, please use Freund’s Antimold® Mild or Negamold® or Negamold®Natural/Light products.




  • This is the compact size food quality preservation agent that uses ethanol in gel format with safety material.
  • The contents almost completely disappear after the ethanol has transpired,so there is no concern about accidental ingestion.
  • Antimold Tender wrapping materials use difficult to cut non-woven material.


Product packaging size

Grade Size(mm) Amount of ethanol gel contained in(g) Packaging (quantity) /case(No. of packets × No. of exterior)


30×37.5 0.25 4,200 packets/ case 
(350 packets × 12 bags)
T-2 35×37.5 0.5 3,600 packets/ case 
(300 packets × 12 bags)
T-3 45×37.5 1.0 2,500 packets/ case 
(250 packets × 10 bags)


Instructions (for general consumers)

Antimold® Tender is enclosed in food packaging in order to preserve the good taste of food and allow consumers to eat food safely.


[ Safety and Instructions ]

1. If accidentally eaten or swallowed
Antimold® Tender wrapping materials and contents use safe materials and have no effect on the human body.
Usually no special treatment is required as even if it is absorbed into the body, it will be excreted with no reaction. If necessary rinse the affected person mouth with water. If there are something wrong seek medical treatments.
The surface of the product is printed with ‘Do not eat’ but this is only to signify that it is not a foodstuff.
Please be assured that the contents are safe materials that can be used in foodstuffs packaging.


2. If accidentally soaked in alcohol or juice
Even if soaked for a long time, it will have no effect on the liquid so you can just take the Anti-mold out and drink it.


3. If boiled with noodles, etc.
There is no effect on either the noodles or the water.
There are rare cases in which the small bag will burst due to heat and the powder inside will spill out but it will not dissolve in hot water or react with seasonings.


4. If heated in a microwave oven
It will not burn or spark but the small bag may open due to the heat and the powder inside may spill out.


5. Disposal methods
Please dispose of this product according to local government trash separation rules.

* As the contents are unburnable, this product is designated as unburnable trash in most places.




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