Test service

Freund Corporation provide support for customer tests with our technological strength.



Experienced technicians conduct experiments using the equipment at our R&D center to provide support for customer tests.
The R&D center has a full range of systems that can conduct application tests on machines, devices and chemicals for any purpose.
Please feel free to use our technological strengths for your projects and product development.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with granulation or coating.

  • You would like to try granulation or coating but you don't know what to do as you don't have expert knowledge.
  • You are having issues with scale-up condition setting.
  • You are worried about which device is suitable for a new raw material.
  • Granulation or coating is not going well and you are having problems.
  • You would like to test a smaller or larger device than the one you are already using.
  • You want to improve yield.
  • You are looking into reducing granulation or coating time, etc

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