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Next Generation Tablet Printer (with Inspection function)

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Innovative continuous granulating device.
Shift from batches to continuous granulation.


30% reduction in production time is possible.

Chemicals &Foods

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This is an excipient for direct tableting for D-mannitol developed by applying the technology we cultivated for Dilactose<sup>&reg;</sup>. It is useful for the production of tablets for drugs that have high reactivity.

Dilactose®F (Fine)New Icon

This is small particle diameter grade Dilactose®, lactose for direct tableting. In comparison with existing grades, both formability and collapsibility have been improved. It is also useful as a starting ingredient for granulation.


100% chemically stable D-mannitol spherical particles. We also have a line-up of microparticle-type 100 grade.

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