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Website Policy

This website is operated by Freund Corporation.
Please note the following points concerning the use of this website.

Copyright/Trademark Rights

The documents, photos, illustrations, videos, music and software (hereafter, “Contents”) on this website are protected by copyrights owned by Freund Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to collectively as ‘the company’) or by third parties.

The rights to trademarks, logos and trade names used on this website come under the jurisdiction of the company or the individual rights holder. The Trademark Act prohibits the use of the above without the consent of the company except when authorized by the Trademark Act or other laws so please contact the company to obtain consent before using them.

The company does not consent to the use of company or third party copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or any other rights concerning Contents on this website; neither does it give any guarantee of the subject of Contents on the website.

The Contents of this website policy may be changed without prior notice. In such cases, these will be adopted in the site policy after the changes are made.


This site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology on pages where Personal Information is entered so that customers can input their information with peace of mind. With SSL, data that is entered on your computer is encrypted before being sent over the network to the computer where it is to be registered.


[Links to this site]
Please contact us before linking to this website with information such as the main operations of the site from which the link originates, the purpose of the link and the URL of the pages from which the link originates. As a general rule, our company will not contact you concerning the information that you send but there are instances in which we will refuse permission for the link. We request that links are displayed on the home page of the website as a general rule unless there is a particular reason for not doing this.
Please use the company name ‘Freund Corporation’ when you are linking to this site.


[Links from this site to external sites]
This website may link to third party websites outside of the company. The company provides such links purely with the aim of convenience so please note that the company does not take any responsibility for the contents of the linked sites. Please comply with the applicable usage rules when using the links provided on this site.

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