Creating products full of creativity by combining ‘hard’ and ‘soft’.


Freund Corporation has over 300 items of intellectual property both in Japan and overseas.

We develop creative products and have over 300 patents, practical models, designs and trademarks both in Japan and overseas, including those still in the application process. We have had over 100 articles published in scientific journals both in Japan and overseas and we make research presentations at international conferences and symposiums, etc.

New project development begins at the R&D center.

The R&D center houses all Freund’s systems that can conduct application tests on machines, devices and chemicals.
The R&D center is a platform for technology exchange and collaborative research with users and responds to user needs.

Applied Development
We work hard on applied development at the R&D center.
Collaborative Research
We conduct collaborative research with customers in order to respond to their needs.
Technical Documents (PDF)
We make our technical documents available to the public.(This contents is Japanese only...)
Test Service
Our experienced technicians provide support for customer tests.
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