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Introduction of Parle FREUND Machinery Private Limited FREUND Group Global 2023.07.31


We are pleased to introduce Parle FREUND Machinery Private Limited, established in Mumbai, India, in 2019 as a joint venture between Parle Global Technologies Private Limited and FREUND CORPORATION.

According to UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), India will overtake China in 2023 to become the world's largest country by population. It is also attracting much attention culturally, having been the subject of "RRR," which won the Best Song Award at the 95th Academy Awards in March 2023.

In India, where many major generic drug manufacturers are also located, we will tell how Parle FREUND provides value and contributes to the market.

Mumbai is a bustling city located on the western coast of India, in the state of Maharashtra. With a population of over 20 million people, Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the world. Mumbai is known for its vibrant culture, diverse cuisine, and impressive architecture.
Mumbai is also a major hub for business and finance, with many multinational corporations and financial institutions located in the city.
It is also famous for being the headquarters of many of India's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Fun Fact about Mumbai:
Did you know that Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
It was built in 1887 and is one of the busiest railway stations in India, with more than 3 million commuters passing through it every day. Its unique blend of Victorian Gothic and traditional Indian architecture makes it a stunning landmark and a must-visit for anyone interested in the history and culture of Mumbai. It was filmed for a Samsung cell phone commercial.

Parle Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Parle Global is a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages. Parle Global has a global presence in 85+ countries across Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.

The company's product lineup includes Tablet Compression, Capsule Fillers, Printing for Tablet & Capsules, Inspection Systems, Counting & Filling Line, Tube Filling & Sealing, Pouch, Container & Jar Filling, Capping, Cartoning, and much more to name a few.

Parle FREUND Machinery Pvt. Ltd

Parle FREUND is an Indo-Japanese Joint Venture between Parle Global & FREUND Corporation, Japan formed in 2019.
Parle FREUND designs, manufactures, and markets equipment and services for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical industries. Through a hybrid model of FREUND's (Japan) high technology and quality and Parle Global's (India) competitive manufacturing, we are producing high-quality products locally that meet local needs in India.

We offer a creative and specialized product lineup and a variety of customer-oriented solutions globally.

Customers can see our products at the Parle FREUND Demo & Test Centre and better understand the systems' functionality and quality before purchasing. Through this approach, we can guarantee conformity to your requirements and build a long-term partnership based on trust and satisfaction.

Our geographic proximity to other Asian and African countries provides easy access to customers in these regions, and our cost-effective manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop and manufacture innovative products.

Parle FREUND's vast market reach, strategic location, customized solutions, and manufacturing capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry in India, Asia, and Africa enable us to help our customers increase their presence in the global marketplace.

At Parle FREUND, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and success.

We offer more than just exceptional products. We go above and beyond to provide a customer-centric experience. Through trials, demos, and factory visits, we give you the opportunity to see our products in action and experience their benefits first-hand.

We believe in transparency and empowering you to make informed decisions.

We invite you to explore the possibilities with Parle FREUND.

Join us in revolutionizing your operations, expanding your market reach, and achieving your business goals. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions and unparalleled customer service.

Welcome to Parle FREUND, where customer satisfaction drives everything we do.

Parle FREUND knows not only in the rapidly growing Indian market but also in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
We are a partner for all customers in India, customers considering business expansion in India, and customers considering entering the Asian and African markets.

Please feel free to contact us on any matter. Let's take the first step of the challenge together.

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