Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy

Develop the Future through Creativity®

Management Vision

Contributing to better medical care and health for people worldwide, and creating and
fostering technologies for fulfilling lives and food safety.

In 1969, FREUND set out a corporate philosophy “Develop the Future through Creativity” with the intention of “cultivating markets on our own initiative in order to develop the future; placing importance on ideas when developing new products; and considering the need for products and building new markets.”

The FREUND Group, as an R&D-oriented company, contributes to people’s health and the improvement in food safety and security by providing pharmaceutical and food manufacturers with formulation machinery and pharmaceutical excipients we have developed based on our formulation technology.

Five creations

  • Creation of products rich in originality
  • Creation of new market needs with foresight
  • Creation of a management foundation that energizes the organization
  • Creation of a spirit of challenge to face difficulties
  • Creation of enriched human relationships

Action Guidelines

FREUND aims to provide attractive products and services that meet customer requirements under five action guidelines.

  • Think on your own, act with purpose, and take on new challenges
  • Enhance your own value, and demonstrate best performance with professionalism
  • Think toward creating new business opportunities
  • Create a bright workplace that combines toughness and strength, while cooperating and collaborating with others
  • Ensure thorough compliance