Medium-term Management Plan

 FREUND Group has formulated the "9th Medium-term Management Plan" covering the three-year period from the fiscal year ending February 2025 to the fiscal year ending February 2027.

Long-term Vision


 Aiming to go beyond our VALUE of "ONE FREUND," we have set the following management targets for our ideal state. In addition, we have established numerical targets for the fiscal year ending February 2034, which marks our 70th anniversary: sales of 40 billion yen, operating profits of 3.2 billion yen, and ROE of 10% or more.

  • ● Use innovative ideas to enable people worldwide to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • ● Expand the areas covered by the machinery business and strive to become one of the world’s top three suppliers.
  •   In the chemicals business, aim to become Japan’s leading specialty chemical company.
  • ● Create a corporate group with a diverse and productive workforce, fostering an environment where people can upgrade skills and advance their careers.

Positioning of the 9th Medium-term Management Plan

 In order to realize our long-term vision, we have positioned the next three years as a period of preparation to establish a new earnings base and have formulated the 9th Medium-term Management Plan.

Basic Policy
  • ● Strengthen and expand core businesses
  • ● Develop new products and businesses
  • ● Build a stronger base of operations

 We aim to achieve consolidated net sales of 25 billion yen, perpetual profit of 1.6 billion yen, and ROE of 7.0% in the fiscal year ending February 2027, by promoting the above three basic policies as a group.

Investment Plan

● Capital investment
About 5.0billion(Construction of new excipient factory, Automated production systems of Food Preservatives, etc)

● R&D expenses
About 2.5billion(Use new technologes, Develop new proucts, etc)

● Human capital investment
About 0.7billion(Employee education and training expenses, Restricted stock (RS) grants, etc)

*Three-year (FY2025-2027) cumulative total

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9th Medium-term Management Plan