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    Perfiller-102 is food starch for direct compression that enables obtaining quickly disintegrating high-hardness tablets.


    • The basic ingredient is cornstarch with a high amylose content.
      No raw materials are genetically modified.
    • Quickly disintegrating high-hardness tablets can be obtained.
      By adding Perfiller-102, tablets with nearly the same hardness as those made by using microcrystalline cellulose can be created, so that the disintegration time can be remarkably shortened.
    • It has lubricative properties, which can realize reduction in the additive amount of a lubricant or no additive at all depending on formulation.
      If the additive amount of Perfiller-102 makes up a large proportion of the formulation, tablets can be formed without adding a lubricant.
    • Excellent fluidity
      Perfiller-102 particles are spherical, which exhibits good fluidity.

    [SEM photos of Perfiller-102]


Generic name: Starch or starch resolvent
Classification: Food
Raw material: High-amylose cornstarch
Country of origin: The US
GMO: Segregated
Allergies: Not applicable
Example of designation: Starch or starch resolvent
Best-before date: One year after manufacturing (unopened)

Storage method:
Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity, and store at room temperature.

Granules containing V.C 97% 80 parts 80 parts 100 parts
Perfiller-102 20 parts - -
Crystalline cellulose 20 parts
Hardened rapeseed oil 5 parts 5 parts 5 parts
Total 105 parts 105 parts 105 parts

Comparisons of hardness and disintegration time
Ascorbic acid (V.C) containing tablets Comparisons of hardness and disintegration time
Formulation Lactoferrin: 20%
Perfiller-102: 80%
Tablet property
Weight CV value
Tablet property
159.7 N
Tablet property
Disintegration time
6.0 min
Tablet property
0.01% or less


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