Antimold® Tender

  • Food Ethanol evaporation agent Anti mold Softness Moistness


    This is the world's first quality preservation agent of a new type filled with gel Ethanol. Ethanol odor is suppressed, and the deliciousness of foods is maintained with its moisturizing and anti-mold effects.



    • Ethanol evaporation is sustained for several days to about one week.
    • Irritating odor of Ethanol is further reduced with only a slight scent. (57% Ethanol used.)


Anti mold Softness Moistness
    • Maintains the "softness" and "moistness" without allowing the moisture in foods to escape.
    • Suppresses the growth of mold by the action of Ethanol.
    • Since no iron-based raw materials are used, a metal detector can be used.


    • After Ethanol evaporation, almost all contents are gone.
    • There is no concern about accidental ingestion of contents.
    • The wrapping materials used for Antimold® Tender are shred-resistant non-woven fabric materials.

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