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    NONPAREIL is a spherical particle with high sphericity and sharp particle size distribution.
    It is useful as core particle in pharmaceutical formulations for controlled release of APIs such as sustained release or enteric dissolution.


    • High sphericity
      The volume and surface area can be calculated, which facilitates film thickness management in drug-release control.
    • Sharp particle size distribution
      In layering drugs, granules with sharp particle size distribution can be obtained.
      Also, in film-coating, the drug release speeds of individual granules become stable with little fluctuation in the film thickness of particles.


    Product Internal volume Outside packaging Inside packaging
    NONPAREIL‐103 20 kg cardboard box Polyethylene bag
    NONPAREIL‐105 20 kg cardboard box Polyethylene bag
    NONPAREIL‐108 20 kg cardboard box Polyethylene bag
     - The photo is NONPAREIL-108.


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