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    CMEC® (Carboxymethylethylcellulose) is mixed ether obtained by partially carboxymethylated and ethylated of cellulose.
    Listed in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients,and this product is used for controlled drug-release formulations mainly as an enteric film-coating base. This product is also used as a carrier of solid dispersion for the purpose of improving the solubility of poorly-soluble drugs.


    • High stability
      Since it is composed of ether bonds, it is not easily hydrolyzed and is chemically stable.
    • pH-dependent disintegration
      The disintegration behavior of tablets coated with CMEC is pH dependent, independent of the type of buffer solution.
      At a low pH level, it does not easily disintegrate, and at a high pH level, quickly disintegrate. By utilizing this property to control drug elution, CMEC can be used as an enteric base.
      Also, various elution patterns can be formed in combination with pH-independent sustained-release bases.
    • Application as a matrix base
      This is also used for matrix formulations that contain APIs in CMEC.
      By changing the ratio between the APIs and CMEC®, the drug release speed can be controlled.
    • Improvement in elution of poorly-soluble drugs
      By preparing solid dispersion of poorly-soluble drugs with CMEC, the elution performance of drugs is improved.
    • Protective coating for sugar-coated tablets
      As an approximate 100 µm thick CMEC film exhibits a sufficient moisture-resistant effect, this product can be used as a protective coating base when tablets containing water-sensitive APIs are sugar-coated.


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