Polishing wax-104

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    Polishing Wax-104 is a food additive carnauba wax.
    It provides a beautiful luster to sugar-coated or film-coated tablet surfaces.


    • Food additive carnauba wax in fine powder form
    • Provides an optimum solution for polishing coated tablets
    • Makes tablets glide smoothly, and improves workability
    • Useful as a wax matrix former

Generic name: Carnauba wax
Classification: Food additives
Raw material: Carnauba wax
Country of origin: Brazil
GMO: Not applicable
Allergies: Not applicable
Example of designation: Brightener
Best-before date: Three years after manufacturing (unopened)

Storage method:
Store in a well-ventilated room at 40°C or lower, avoiding hot air, humidity, odor, dust, etc.

For glazing tablets, a cloth-covered polishing pan or HICOATER is used.
A standard amount of Polishing wax-104 used is 0.02 - 0.1% relative to the tablet weight, and it is sprayed on the tablet surfaces as it is divided into three to four times.

Polishing pan diameter: 1500 mm
Pan rotation speed: 16 - 18 rpm
Amount of tablets charged: 100 kg
Amount of Polishing wax-104 sprayed: 50 g

Processing count Amount sprayed Processing time
1st 15 g 10 min
2nd 20 g 50 min
3rd 15 g 10 min


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