• Food Antioxidant Softness Moistness Anti-yeast Ethanol evaporation agent + Oxygen absorber


    Negamold® is a powerful quality preservation agent with two functions of an Ethanol evaporation agent and oxygen absorber.
    This is suitable for quality preservation of foods high in water activity value (relative humidity), with the function of suppressing not only the growth of mold but also the propagation of Bacillus subtilis as well as fermentation by yeast.



    • Preserves the quality of foods, etc., by appropriately controlling the speed of Ethanol evaporation and absorbing oxygen in packages.


Antioxidant Softness Moistness Anti-yeast
    • Suppresses the growth of mold.
    • Suppresses fermentation by yeast.
    • Suppresses the propagation of Bacillus subtilis.
    • Prevents the oxidation of foods, etc.
    • Maintains the "softness" and "moistness" of foods.
    There are two types of Negamold®moisture-dependent type and self-reacting type.
    Moisture-dependent type … Deoxygenation is performed as soon as it comes into contact with the moisture generated from foods. Use this for foods with a water activity value of 0.85 or more.
    Self-reacting type … Deoxygenation starts as soon as it comes into contact with air. This can also be used for foods with a water activity value of 0.85 or less.

    Time required for deoxygenation…1 to 2 days (25°C)


    • The powder of Ethanol adsorbed to silica gel, which is mixed with iron powder, is filled in packets made of special film.
    • The contents and wrapping materials used are both safe materials, with no impact on the human body.
    • The safety of contents has been verified by acute toxicity tests conducted by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.
    • The wrapping materials have passed tests prescribed by Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370.

Grade selection

  • 1. As a packaging film, use a material that is not easily permeable to oxygen and Ethanol.
    As a guide, use a packaging film as shown below:
    Oxygen permeability: 200ml/m2·24hr·MPa or less
    Ethanol transmission rate: 10g/m2/day (40°C) or less

    2. Obtain the amount of oxygen in the food package in which Negamold® is included, choose Negamold® with the absorbed amount of oxygen larger than the obtained amount of oxygen. 


    3. Make sure to carry out a test with the actual goods form to confirm the effectiveness of Negamold®.
    The shelf life is affected by the packaging method, manufacturing season and environment, storage temperature, etc., even for the same foods.

About Handling

  • Single packet type
    1. After opening, use within the following working time (25°C).
    Type/grade (single packet) 30, 50 100, 200, 300
    Moisture-dependent type 15 min. 30 min.
    Moisture-dependent type (with oxygen indicator) 15 min.
    Self-reacting type 15 min.
    Self-reacting type (with oxygen indicator) 15 min.

    2. Open each bag from the notched portion.
    However, since the packet is filled up to the bottom of the notch, make sure not to break it when opening.

    Continuous strip of packets type
    1. After opening, use within the following working time (25°C).
    Type/grade (continuous strip of packets) All grades
    Moisture-dependent type Moisture-dependent type
    Moisture-dependent type (with oxygen indicator) Moisture-dependent type
    Self-reacting type Moisture-dependent type
    Self-reacting type (with oxygen indicator)

    2. The starting positions are as follows:
    Z-fold: Clearly indicated by a sticker affixed to the outer packaging bag.
    Roll: Indicated by a yellow masking tape.
    After opening, start using from there.

    Common items
    1. As a packaging material for goods, use a material that is not easily permeable to oxygen (oxygen permeability 200ml/m2·24hr·MPa or less), and low in Ethanol permeability (10g/m2·24hr (40°C) or less).
    2. When using one packet in a collective package, open holes in the individual packages (eight of 3 mm size per 100 cm2 of packaging material as a guide).
    3. When opening the cardboard box, refrain from using a cutter knife. The products inside may be damaged.
    After opening the cardboard box and before taking out the products, if there is any swollen outer packaging bag when unopened, avoid using it because there is a possibility of pinholes or poor sealing (normally they are in a deaerated state).
    4. If all of the products are not used, minimize the space in the outer packaging bag, and store after performing heat sealing.
    In short-time situations, such as a break time, clip-on storage is also possible (deaeration sealing is preferable).

    1. The deoxygenation speed of Negamold® slows down with decreasing temperature, and it becomes extremely slow at 5°C or lower.
    Until deoxygenation is completed, keep at ordinary temperature. Refrigerate/freeze after the completion of deoxygenation.
    2. If Negamold® and inert gas are used in combination, avoid using carbon dioxide.
    3. Combined use with vacuum packaging may cause Negamold® to stick to the food and packaging film, making deoxygenation and Ethanol evaporation impossible. Keep deaeration to such a light degree that air circulation occurs in the package.
    For details, see the following instruction manual.

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