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    Lubriwax, This excipient is plant origin powdery hydrogenated oil, listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.


  • 《As a lubricant》

    Standard additive amount of Lubriwax-101 : 0.5 to 5%

    • Less interaction with APIs
      It has little impact on the stability of APIs because it does not contain calcium, magnesium or other metal components, or free acids.
    • Low impact on the hardness of tablets
      The hardness of tablet is less likely to decrease if added this product to powder to be tableted, and even if the mixing time is extended, the hardness does not easily decrease.

    《As a wax matrix former》

    • Enables direct compressed as blended with tableted powder
    • Applicable to melt granulation
      This product can be used as a binder after being converted to liquid state by warming, or can be used in melting method after granulating this product in powder state with APIs and other excipients.


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