FREUND granulating/coating technology is utilized in pharmaceuticals, foods and fine chemicals

We focus our efforts on developing technology for all kinds of machinery and devices for granulation and coating and we are accumulating good results in Japan as well as overseas. Our products are mostly used for pharmaceutical products but they are also used in the field of added-value products such as foodstuffs, flavourings, seeds, toner, new ceramics and catalysts. By combining the comprehensive technological strengths we have accumulated up until now and the technological strengths of our group companies, we will continue to actively develop our business in the future.


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R&D equipment
  • TABREX® Portable


    TABREX® Portable


    Labo Printer

    This portable tablet printing device allows anyone to make printed tablet samples and artificial defective tablets anywhere at any time without any difficulty. The print design created by this machine can be easily set to our production machine TABREX Rev.

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