Polishing wax-105

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    Polishing Wax-105, This product is Carnauba wax of plant origin, listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and a fine powdery excipient useful for polishing tablets.


    • A polishing agent for sugar-coated tablets, film-coated tablets, etc.
    • Makes tablets glide smoothly, and improves workability.
    • Useful as a wax matrix former.

Generally, tablets are glazed by the following procedure.

(1) Stop the air supply and exhaust of the coating device.
Rotate the pan and spray Polishing Wax-105 on tablet surfaces (0.01% relative to the tablets).
Gradually raise the pan rotation speed so as not to allow the tablets to slip, and keep it for several minutes.

(2) Repeat Step (1) until they are sufficiently glazed (generally 3 to 4 times).

(3) Finally, run the air supply and exhaust for several minutes to remove the excess wax powder adhering to the tablet surfaces.


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