Water Activity Meter

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    Water activity (Aw) is related to quality in food, pharmaceutical, and various other fields.
    We have been engaged in the development and distribution of equipment to measure Aw together with quality preservation agents for many years.
    For highly accurate short-time measurements, use the "EZ-200" that can be easily operated by anyone for quality management.




Quality control Water activity HACCP
    • Wide-range measurement with a high degree of accuracy
    • Short-time measurement (30% shorter than conventional products)
    • Accurate measurement of Aw with a sensor that is not easily affected by Ethanol
    • Equipped with a color touch panel for superior operability. Various settings can be made.
    • Customer-replacement/calibration of the sensor (tool-free)
    • Suppresses sensor deterioration by acids, etc., by attaching a sensor protective filter (optional).
    • Saves up to 100 events of data on the main body; USB flash memory available (CSV output)
    • Made-in-Japan product and reliable after-sales follow-ups offered


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