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    Chitocoat is a coating solution of chitosan dissolved by using acetic acid. When combined with commercially available acid-resistant bases, the contents can be reliably delivered to the large intestine.


    • A chitosan film that disintegrates specifically in the large intestine can be obtained.
      The chitosan film obtained by coating is not absorbed in the small intestine, but decomposed specifically in the large intestine by the action of intestinal bacteria.
      Contents can be reliably delivered to the large intestine in combination with acid-resistant bases, such as AQshelax.
    • This is a water-based solution type that can be used as-is for coating
      No preliminary liquid preparation is necessary. When coating, shake the container and transfer before use.

Classification: Food additives
Raw materials: Chitosan, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, acetic acid, water
Country of origin: Japan
GMO: Non-GMO (glycerin)
Allergies: Crab (chitosan)
Example of designation: Chitosan, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester
Best-before date: 4 months after manufacturing (unopened)

Preservation method:
Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity, and store at ordinary temperatures.
When stored for a long time, precipitation of the surface-active agent can be seen, but re-dispersion is easily performed by shaking up.

How to handle:
After opening, close stopper tightly, and use as soon as possible.

For coating tablets and capsules, the spray coating method by using HICOATER® or other continuous aeration coating equipment is suitable.

[Tablet formulation] Lactose/crystalline cellulose/magnesium stearate=85/15/1
[Dosage form] 8φ-10R, 200 mg/tablet

Pump Roller-type tube pump Gear pump
Pan shape Model 20 pan Model 48 round pan
Quantity of tablets charged 300 g 5 kg
Spray gun ST × 1 AT × 1
Spray air pressure 0.1 MPa 0.3 MPa
Spray solution rate 2.0~3.0 g/min 15.0 g/min
Supply air volume 0.5 m3/min 2.5 m3/min
Supply air temperature 80~85 ℃ 80~85 ℃
Exhaust temperature 55~60 ℃ 58~60 ℃
Pan rotation speed 23 rpm 15 rpm
  • As a liquid feeding pump, either a roller-type tube pump or gear pump can be used.
  • During coating, keep the product temperature at approximately 60°C. If the product temperature is low, acetic acid remains in the chitosan film, and there may be a tendency for the coated tablets to easily disintegrate in the small intestine.

A formulation that disintegrates in the large intestine was prepared by applying a coating of AQshelax® to lactose/crystalline cellulose tablets coated with chitosan under the above conditions.

[Results of disintegration test]

Amount of chitosan film*1 Amount of film Artificial gastric juice
(without a disk, 2hr)
Artificial intestinal juice
(with a disk, 2hr)
Assumed large intestine juice*2
(with a disk)
4.0 wt% 8.0 wt% No release No release Within 60 min.
5.0 wt% No release No release Within 60 min.
6.0 wt% No release No release Within 60 min.

*1...Chitosan solid content relative to tablet weight

  • Appropriate amounts of chitosan films differ according to tablet formulation. If large amounts of water-insoluble components are contained in tablet formulation, there may be a tendency for the amounts of films required to become small.


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