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    Lubriwax-102H is a powder-type hardened rapeseed oil. This is classified as a food and provides an optimum solution for use as a food lubricant for foods with a need for hardness, viscous raw materials, etc.


    • The hardness of tablets is less likely to decrease.
      Generally, the hardness of tablets decreases with the addition of lubricants. Decrease in the hardness of tablets can be reduced by using Lubriwax-102H as a lubricant compared to other lubricants.
    • Other uses
      This is also useful as a binder, brightener, coating agent, moisture-resistant agent, etc.

Generic name: Hardened rapeseed oil (refined edible oil)
Classification: Food
Raw material: Rapeseed oil 100%
Country of origin: Canada, Australia
GMO: Unsegregated
Allergies: Not applicable
Example of designation: Hardened rapeseed oil (refined edible oil)
Best-before date: 9 months after manufacturing (unopened)
Packing style: (exterior package) cardboard box, (interior package) polyethylene bag, net weight: 10 kg

Storage method:
Avoid direct sunlight as well as high temperatures and humidity. In summer, store at 25°C or lower because the mealiness hardens, which may cause caking.

Precaution for handling:
After opening, use as soon as possible. After opening, seal up with a rubber band, etc., or refill in a highly airtight container.


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