Isomalt Granule™

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    Isomalt Granule is food isomalt for direct compression.
    This is a Filler with good fluidity and high formability.


    • Isomalt granules of sugar alcohol

      Tablet hardness of single flavor formulation
      * Tablets with higher hardness compared to reduced
        malt sugar syrup or lactose granules can be obtained.
      * The degree of sweetness is approximately 50% of sugar.
               [SEM image]
      Isomalt granules  SEM image
      Rotary tablet press
      Dosage form: 8φ‐10R, 200 mg/Tab
      Lubricant: Ca-St 1.0%
    • Since the formability is high, this is suitable for formulations with a large number of principal components.

Generic name: Isomalt
Classification: Food
Raw material: Isomalt
Country of origin: Germany
Example of designation: Isomalt
Best-before date: One year after manufacturing (unopened)
GMO: Not applicable
Allergies: Not applicable

Storage method:
Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity, and store at ordinary temperatures.

Tablets containing 70% of glucosamine, which is a component low in formability, can be easily prepared by direct tableting.

Glucosamine hydrochloride 70.0%
Isomalt Granule 14.5%
Crystalline cellulose 14.5%
Fine silicon dioxide 0.5%
Calcium stearate 0.5%
Total 100%
Tableting pressure: 14 kN; Rotation speed: 30 rpm
Tablet appearance
Dosage form: 9 mm-12R
Weight: 400 mg/tablet
Thickness: 5.6 mm
Hardness: 72 N
Appropriate daily intake 4 – 5 tablets/day


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