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    Dilactose, listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, is lactose hydrate (granulated powder) developed by our unique fluidized-bed granulation method.
    It is useful as an excipient for direct compression.


    • Well-balanced between formability and disintegrability
      Generally, lactose manufactured by high shear granulation method is inferior in formability.
      On the other hand, lactose manufactured by the spray dry method is superior in formability, while it tends to be inferior in disintegrability.
      In contrast, Dilactose manufactured by the fluidized-bed granulation method is excellent in both aspects, so that quickly disintegrating high-hardness tablets can be obtained.
    • Excellent mixability and fluidity
      Dilactose S and F have incredible fluidity despite their small particle sizes.
      This feature is derived from the manufacturing method in which fine lactose crystals are also accurately granulated.
    • Excellent storage stability
      Since it is less hygroscopic than spray-dried lactose, the possibility of caking over time is extremely low.

Each vehicle: Magnesium stearate=100:1.0

[Tableting conditions]
Dosage form: 8φ-10R, 200 mg/tablet
Rotation speed: 50 rpm
Tableting pressure: 6, 8, 10, 12 kN
(Crystalline lactose: 6, 8, 10 kN, agitating granulation: 8, 10, 12 kN)


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