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    AQshelax is a uniquely formulated food coating agent that is useful for coating health food tablets, etc.
    This is an easy-to-handle coating agent due to its low combustibility and stickiness compared to alcohol-based shellac and does not require liquid preparation.


    • Aqueous solution type that can be used as-is after delivery
    • Formation of a film that is superior in disintegrability and stable over time
      Easier to disintegrate than an alcohol-based shellac film, with little extension of disintegration over time.
    • Suitable for preventing the abrasive wear of tablets and masking bitterness
    • Imparts acid resistance
      Bifidobacterium and other acid-sensitive materials can be carried to the intestines while being protected from stomach acid.

Other product information
Classification: Food additives
Raw materials: Shellac, L-arginine, ethanol, water
Country of origin (shellac): Thailand
Country of origin (L-arginine, ethanol, water): Japan
GMO: Unsegregated
Allergies: Not applicable
Example of designation: Shellac or brightener
Best-before date: 12 months after manufacturing (unopened)

Storage method:
Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.
Decrease in transparency, white turbidity, or precipitation may develop in cold storage.
This is a phenomenon caused by a liquid temperature drop, and the white turbidity or the like disappears and the transparency is restored by shaking or agitating at ordinary temperatures for gentle heat (15 - 40°C).


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