• Pharmaceuticals Foods Other Granulation minicapsule


    • Pharmaceutical industry
      • Encapsulation of a wide range of pharmaceuticals that aim at gastro-soluble, enteric, and DDS pharmaceutical products
      Food industry
      • Encapsulation of herbal oils and other etiquette products, flavor additives (for gum,chocolate and candy), bifidobacterium and other functional foods, roe-like foods, etc.
      Chemical industry (other)
      • Cosmetics(lotions, etc.), fragrance, bath agents, detergents, fertilizers, feeds, etc.

    This equipment manufactures seamless mini capsules 1 to 5 mmφ in particle size with a high degree of accuracy.
    When an internal liquid and a coating material are allowed to flow down into cooling oil from the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder of the concentric double nozzle, respectively, a concentric liquid column (jet) is created as the central internal liquid is surrounded by the coating material.
    At the lower part of the jet, droplets are generated by vibration and interfacial tension as the coating material captures the internal liquid.
    The coating material, which is the external layer of droplets, is promptly cooled and hardened in the cooling oil, forming mini capsules.


    • Easy and quick production of seamless capsules 1 to 5 mmφ in particle size
    • Can be used for improving bioavailability of poorly-soluble drugs and as DDS formulations to reach the large intestine, etc.
    • Condition settings can be made by simple operation as the capsule formation state can be observed from the monitor image
    • Free control of the proportions of the coating film and internal liquid
  • Direct encapsulation of liquid
    Oily drugs, hydrophilic substances, and suspensions can be directly solidified.
  • Prevention of oxidation by shutting off air
    Oxidation of fish oils and oils containing high proportions of unsaturated fatty acids is prevented.
  • Stabilization of highly volatile aroma chemicals, etc.


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