Titanium Oxide FG

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    Titanium Oxide FG, is a titanium oxide listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia with anatase-type crystal structure.This is useful for coloring, concealing, and light-shielding of tablets, granules, and capsules.


    • High concealment ability
      This product can coloring and concealing the appearance of plain tablets and contents of capsules.
    • Excellent light-blocking ability
      Protects light-sensitive APIs principal agents from ultraviolet light, and improves stability.
    • Excellent dispersibility in water

Normally, this product is used as it is added to a film-coating solution or sugar-coating solution after being dispersed in water by using a homogenizer or the like.
To prevent sedimentation of titanium oxide, perform agitation during coating work, etc.

[Solution formulation]
Hypromellose: Titanium Dioxide FG (this product): PEG-6000: Water=8.0:0.8:0.8:90.4

(1) Prepare a 10% aqueous solution of hypromellose, and dissolve PEG-6000.
(2) Separately, agitate and disperse Titanium Dioxide FG and a small amount of water by using a homogenizer, and then add it to the solution that was prepared in (1).
(3) After finely adjusting the concentration by adding water, pass it through a 150 μm screen.


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