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    • Pharmaceutical industry
      • Granules for tableting, capsule filling granules
      Food industry
      • Supplements, instant foods,spices, condiments, synthetic sweeteners, teas, protein, green juice, etc.
      Chemical industry (other)

    The Granuformer® series is a granulation & drying equipment offering superior flexibility, using an unmatched continuous batch production with the adoption of an unprecedented true continuous production system.
    Even if the processing speed is changed between series equipments, equivalent granules and tablets can be obtained.

    Shifting from batch production to continuous production realizes improvement in productivity, stabilization in quality, and reduction in cost, time, and space.

    Granulated products have the following features.

    • Porous granules

    • Sharp particle size distribution

    • Granules with few coarse products


    • Continuous drying by Spiral Dryer®
    • Can manufacture products equivalent to fluidized-bed granulation
    • Easy scale-up
      Production volume can be controlled by adjusting the operating time
    • Reduction in development costs
      Reduction in raw materials required for validation and development time.
      No need for equipments that are different in batch size.
    • Supports QbD (Quality by Design)
      Design space construction is also easy.
    • Supports containment
      Exposure risks are reduced because of continuous processing, which does not require charging/discharging for each process.

The characteristics of granulated materials can be adjusted by recombining parts.
Self-cleaning is performed by rotating the two screws in the same direction.
The mixing strength is freely adjusted.

The occurrence of coarsely granulated powder is prevented, and the particle size is adjusted to be suitable for tableting.
The adoption of tilt drive, which is structurally free from powder buildup, enables long-time stable operation.

Wet powder is instantaneously dried by hot-air conveyance without stagnation and adhesion.
Since there is no bag filter at the powder contact section, there is no blockage, and no contamination due to dropping of adhered residue on the filter section.

Quality is monitored in low-volume (1 liter) units.
In addition, a combination of biaxial mixing machine and airflow dryer enables short-time implementation of processes from raw material feeding to quality monitoring.
It is effective for exclusion outside the system or feedback control.


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